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Gracie the Grey-headed flying foxWelcome to "All About Bats"

The "All About Bats" website is an education portal for learning about the bats of Southern Queensland. It contains activities for the classroom, links to current research and many facts you may or may not know.

Explore, learn and begin to understand these wonderful creatures.

Gracie the Grey-headed flying-fox

Hey people! I am one cool mother flying-fox! I was born at the Gympie Maternity Roost a while back and spend my time cruising around the Wide Bay and South East Queensland visiting my dearest friends and family.

My mission in life is to help save my species and get the message out about how important we are in supporting our beautiful area by pollinating native trees and dispersing native seed - essential things in keeping our environment healthy!



For the Love of Bats

All bats play a vital part in assisting the seeding of forests and the regeneration of rainforests. They are also responsible for keeping down pest insects if left to populate an area. Bats in general are protected native Australian species and have inhabited Australia for many thousand years. Despite popular concern, they actually pose minimal risk to humans, providing you leave them alone and do not have physical contact with them.

If for any reason you have been bitten or scratched by a bat, wash your wound thoroughly with soap under running water for 10 minutes. Then seek immediate (if possible) medical attention. Your Doctor will contact the local Public Health Unit to arrange appropriate treatment that may include vaccination. Do not let the Doctor give you a tetanus shot and send you on your way.  More information on Bats and Human health can be found here.

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